Below are several videos, some are time lapse videos of builds we have done. Several others are informational and intended to help everyone understand the technology that these machines use and are based on.  Watch, enjoy, share, and ask us questions.   


Building a custom electronics housing, having fun with black and white resin in the same build.


Building a Custom Tweeter housing for an audio wholesale company, notice the supports inside the left housing, they are in the build for strength during the build.  


Origional Ted Talk on Mar 19, 2015 by Joseph DeSimone.  Machines that can build parts fast, without layers, and with amazing materials.  Welcome to CLIP (Continuous Liquid Interface Production) Manufacturing. 

Jason Rolland, Vice President of Materials at Carbon talks about the amazing materials avalable to Primary

This video goes in-depth to explain why Primary, partnered with Carbon, is changing manufacturing.